E-Learning program is an initiative which has been launched by the SEC in order to develop the educational process and to provide the e-services, based on integrated digital technology to enhance the efforts of the Government of Qatar in improving the quality of teaching and learning ... More​

E-learning Objectives: 

  • To achieve Qatar’s National vision 2030 in the human development field. 
  • To increase the positive trend and to raise the community awareness about “ICT” and its impact on both of the teaching and learning process. 
  • To be a leader in the educational system by increasing the efficiency and quality of education. 
  • To achieve the educational aims of Qatar by effective and smoothly ways, through handling all of the educational system by the use of of modern communication. 
  • To reach the learning outcomes that are able to meet the challenges of higher education university education and the labor market. 
  • To provide an exciting learning environment that increases the students’ motivation and encourage them to be creative. 
  • To enable students to learn anytime anywhere. 
  • To develop the spirit of independence and self reliance among students, which promotes research skills and self-directed learning. 
  • To enable the teachers to teach in efficient and creative ways, by providing teaching methods that satisfy the needs and students’ variety. Expectations. 
  • To increase the communication among the educational system parties. · To meet the students' needs in a manner that suits their abilities.

E-learning Projects:

  • Learning Management system 
  • E- Library 
  • E-Content
  • Providing Tablets to every student.