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​Kuwait's Minister of Education Praises Qatar's Education Development

16 March 2017

(QNA) - Kuwait's Minister of Education and Higher Education Dr. Mohammad Abdulatif Al-Fares praised the development of education and higher education sector in the State of Qatar and its hosting a number of international universities.

After meeting with Qatar University (QU) President Dr. Hassan bin Rashid Al-Derham and some QU staff, Al Fares confirmed Kuwait's eagerness to strengthen cooperation with Qatar the field of education . He expressed his delight  to attend the 2017 Education Conference, saying that he was impressed by the efforts made by Qatar in the field of scientific research  adding that Kuwait needs to support and adopt similar strategies.

It is my sincere pleasure to visit my second home Qatar," he said. "Qatar is home to international prestigious universities. Kuwait strives to strengthen its existing partnerships and cooperation with Qatar in the field of education and research. This will contribute to facilitate the enrollment of our students in universities in Qatar." The visit to QU aims at strengthening its relations with Kuwait University, giving opportunities to Kuwaiti students to benefit from the high quality of education dispensed at QU, he added. Al Fares also discussed opportunities to strengthen the existing partnership between QU and Kuwait University in the field of education and research.

He added, "QU continues to advance its positioning among top universities in international rankings. Over the last years, the University has expanded its campus by establishing a new college of medicine. This visit will contribute to promoting collaboration between QU and Kuwait University in the field of research, and will provide our students with the opportunity to benefit from the high quality of education dispensed at QU." He also visited Qatar Foundation which hosts global universities such as Texas A and M and Weill Cornell Medical College, which according to him is prideful and raises his country's interest to send Kuwaiti students to study in Qatar.​


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