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​14 Private Schools Completed First Stage of Nation Accreditation

26 March 2017

The Schools Evaluation Department of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education organized a training workshop on March 23rd, 2017 in the auditorium at the Evaluation Institute. The training was held for 14 private schools that have successfully completed the first stage for obtaining the national school accreditation through Qatar National School Accreditation (QNSA). The training workshop was conducted by school evaluation specialists from the Ministry of Education and Higher Education.
The objective of the training workshop was to ensure that schools gain full understanding and support into the procedures and overall steps into ensuring that they meet the criteria into achieving full QNSA status. This included training on how to prepare a quality self-study, raising awareness on the importance of stakeholder involvement, and understanding the standards and procedures of the QNSA process.
At the beginning of the training workshop, Mr. Omar Al-Naama, the Director of the Schools Evaluation Department congratulated the schools for their commitment to the school accreditation process and hence the improvement in collective school quality, through their accomplishments passing of Stage 1 in the process, wishing the schools success in the next stage of the process. Mr. Al-Naama encouraged schools to spare no efforts to achieve high quality and performance standards throughout the school with a view to provide outstanding learning opportunities for all students.
The training workshop reflects the commitment of the Schools Evaluation Department to support private schools development and to strengthen cooperation between the department and the private schools for better and clear understanding of the national accreditation process.
The Schools Evaluation Department urges private schools to contact department for any inquiries related to the national accreditation process via:​


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