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Planning Study for School Transport Modes

16 April 2017

The Ministry of Communications and Communications is conducting a Planning Study for School Transport Modes and its impact on the road network. This comes in light of the Ministry's vision to establish and develop an integrated, safe and efficient road transport system that achieves the highest standards of well-being and a decent life for all those living on this country's land. It contributes to reducing congestion levels and traffic congestion, preserving the safety of life and property

For this purpose, the Ministry of Communications and Communications is jointly with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education conducting an online questionnaire.

as part of the first stage to understand the preferences and needs of the students' parents for school transportation, And its relation to the demographic, economic and social characteristics of the family and its geographic distribution in the State of Qatar. This will contribute in identifying the ways of promoting school transport by bus and the policies to reduce traffic congestion during peak times. This study includes all types of schools (independent, private, community) and all educational levels (kindergarten, primary, preparatory, secondary) and all types of schools (boys, girls, mixed).

Questionnaire link

This questionnaire shall be filled once for each family to include all the students in the same family. This questionnaire will be vital in updating the Qatar Strategic Transport Model.

Therefore, we kindly ask the parents of the students to participate in this important questionnaire to contribute together to achieve the objectives of the study, and we note that the questionnaire requires almost 5 minutes only and your answers will be confidential.


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