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​Mr. Al-Derham: Student Early Registration and Transfer Completed for Academic Year 2017-2018

10 June 2017

The independent schools across the State of Qatar have recently completed the early registration and transfer of students for the academic year 2017-2018. The Ministry of Education and Higher Education stated that the processes commenced in May and were divided into a series of stages, starting with the registration of siblings of exiting students followed by new students from kindergarten to Grade 12 grade, either through the online system or directly through schools according to the geographical zone.  Specific dates were set for the registration of Qatari students, children of Qatari mothers, nationals of the GCC countries and all other nationalities.

Mr. Khalifa Al Dirham, the Director of the Schools Affairs Department, said that the registration went according to the plans set by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education at the highest level of accuracy and transparency. 5509 new students were enrolled, including 3311 Qatari students and 2198 students from other nationalities during the last period. . Within the same period, 3627 students were transferred from private schools while 4828 other students were transferred from independent schools. During the registration process, 4539 students were transferred from pre-school to Grade 1, 8370 students from Grade 6 to 7, and 8603 from Grade 9 to 10. Mr. Al-Derham extended his appreciation to the school administrations and parents for their cooperation and role in achieving a successful registration and transfer of students.


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