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QNCECS Participates in Summer Camps Activities

02 August 2017

Qatar National Commission for Education, Culture and Science is taking part in the summer camps Program launched by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education under the slogan "Binashati Asmou Bi Dati" (Rising by Moving) by providing awareness lectures and training workshops on media awareness, national identity, environment and sustainable development, as well as topics related to sports and health. The workshops are delivered by specialists in a number of selected summer centers, including Sumaysimah Summer Camp Center, Al-Shahhaniya Summer Camp Center for Boys, Al-Khor Center and Al-Rayyan Al-Jadeed Summer Camp for Girls.

Dr. Hamadah Hassan Al-Sulaiti, the Secretary General of Qatar National Commission for Education, Culture and Science said that this participation comes within the efforts commission to raise awareness among students of all age groups and to issues related to sustainable development such as media awareness, health and combating obesity encouraging a healthy life style and practicing sport. Dr. Al-Sulaiti added that the opening of the summer camp centers this year is an opportunity to invest and build bridges of communication and cooperation in order to promote the concept of patrimony and to instill the culture of awareness in all social issues among students and participants, in true belief of positive participation based on the principle of community partnership.

 Mr. Faysal Mohammed Al-Marzouqi, the organizations expert Qatar National Commission for Education, Culture and Science, presented a workshop on social networking and reviewed examples of cyber-hacking that have occurred and caused problems between states.


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