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​Ministry Completes Plan for Schools, KGs

13 September 2017


The Ministry of Education and Higher Education said that it has prepared a strategic plan for the preparation of schools and kindergartens and their geographical distribution, taking into account the population density of the regions and the rise witnessed by Qatar at all levels.

Director of the Department of Services at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education Mr. Mohamed Malfi Al-Hajri said in a press statement that the Ministry has set a number of requirements for the school buildings in preparation for the new school year and a safe and good environment for students and staff.

They include the school furniture and its suitability for the age group, the number of students and the preparation of classrooms to receive them, follow up of the availability of maintenance of public facilities, communicating with the Department of Services to ensure the readiness of canteens, and providing meals for students from the first day of the start of study, security and safety procedures and requirements to avoid any damages.

Al-Hajri stressed the keenness of the Department of Services to study applications and provide all services and facilities for schools, and provide logistical support to them.

He also said the Department will provide effective and sustainable solutions to the problems of enrolment of students in schools and and commended the efforts of various parties in the ministry to ensure a favourable school environment, ensuring both supportive and stimulating educational experience at the same time.

He pointed out that the total number of public schools in Qatar for the academic year 2017/2018 was 197, while the number of students enrolled in public schools for the new year is 113,400, although the registration process is still underway.


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