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​11th Edition of Education Excellence Awards Launched

13 September 2017

(The Peninsula)

The Ministry of Education and Higher Education has announced the launch of the 11th edition of the annual Education Excellence Award for which it will start receiving nominee’s contributions from October 29 until November 26.

The standards and specifications of the awards in its 11th edition inspires and reflects the spirits of the the Emir HH Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani’s speech which outlined the importance of thinking about the future, constructive initiatives and self-reliance, said Dr. Hamda Al-Sulaiti, CEO of the award.

Speaking at press meeting held yesterday at the Ministry of Education, Dr. Al-Sulaiti said all committees of the awards have been formed including the judge committees, executive committee and development committee.  As the awards has entered its 11th edition, a committee was established to assess the awards outcome, performances and standards used throughout the past ten years, said Dr. Al-Sulaiti adding that the committee was formed from Ministry of Education, Qatar University and Qatar Foundation and Qatar National Research Fund.

The committee started to assess the standards and conditions of the awards in last May, making comparison with other international Arab scientific awards, reviewed reports and recommendations made by previous committees and feedback from all concerned parties, she added. The committee’s report and recommendations were approved by the awards trustee board.  Accordingly, government and private schools will receive applications for prizes for primary; preparatory; high school; distinguished teacher; and distinguished school to submit them to the committee through the ministry’s public relation office.

Applications for prizes for university graduates to be submitted to Qatar University; PhD holders; and scientific research are to be submitted to the organizing committee. The awards application forms were amended and new rules were developed including; making government and private schools responsible of receiving nominees contribution for the awards of teachers, students and schools, while Qatar University will receive nomination of its graduate, organizing committee will receive nominates with excellence and holder of PhD submit their contribution for the award to the ministry’s public.

For his part Hassan Al-Mohamedi, Chairman, Executive Committee, and Director of the Public Relations and Communication Department at the ministry said the nomination will start on October 29 and deadline will on November 26. Orientations will be hold on September 19 and training workshop on the awards will start on the September 20.

The award is conferred on distinguished Qatari students in different fields and has eight categories. Winners will be honored under the auspices of the Emir. Awards include eight categories — winners of primary school students for Platinum QR 15,000 medal and certificate, for the gold category QR10,000 and medal; preparatory school students QR20,000 and for winner of the gold category QR15,000 and medals; high school students QR35,000 and second category QR25000; in addition to the winner of the best research will have QR20,000.

University graduates for the Platinum award will have QR45,000 and gold will have QR35,000; distinguished teacher will have QR60,000; PhD holders QR60,000; and the award of distinguished school are awarded to tow schools and each will have QR100,000.

The award aims at encouraging students to gain more knowledge, integrating individual and institutional efforts to improve education outputs and ensuring that quality education copes with global standards and levels. The ministry’s website can be visited or the Public Relations and Communication Department contacted for further inquiries.


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