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​Event to broaden Assistive Technology Services in Schools

17 September 2017


The event for strengthening the educational capacity using ‘assistive technology programme’ launched yesterday in coordination with the Training and Educational Development Center (TEDC) at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education and Mada Assistive Technology Center.

The three-day event targets special education specialists, and coordinators and teachers of additional educational support sections in schools.

The event aims to broaden the assistive technology services in government schools and extend the special education specialists, coordinators and teachers with the support, skills and knowledge needed to support students with special needs in the field of ‘assistive technology’. It also aims to establish training programmes on ‘assistive technology’ in public schools and train 40 teachers in order to directly evaluate the needs of 400 students in this category. 

The programme’s phases are scheduled to be implemented by December 2018, these phases include establishment, training followed by expert user projects for assistive technology by applying acquired skills.

Special needs are the main factor in increasing despairing academic achievement, using ‘assistive technology’ allows special needs students to participate in classroom environments with their peers. It also develops the teachers’ skills and their cognitive output to increase student performance. (QNA)


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