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​Registration for 'Ambition' Program Continues

18 September 2017


The Ministry of Education and Higher Education said that registration for Ambition program for secondary school graduates continues for Qataris, children of Qatari women, Qatar-based births, GCC nationals, and holders of Qatari documents holders. 

The ministry said that the first phase of registration process will end on September 30, with the second phase starting on December 1 and ending on December 31.

Interested candiates can join the program through the following website:​

Ambition is a scholarship programme that adopts high school certificate holders who wish to pursue a teaching career. It entails important benefits such as rewards during the university study period and immediate hiring in Qatar schools after graduation.  Those wishing to enroll in the program should complete all stages of education in Qatar schools (excluding children of Qatari mothers), obtain a secondary school certificate or equivalent with a final grade of at least 80 percent, unconditional admission from Qatar University School of Education, and pass the personal interview.


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