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​Qatar Students Win Four Bronze Medals at Arab Chemistry Olympiad in Kuwait

22 October 2017

(QNA) - The student delegation of the State of Qatar won four bronze medals in the Arab Chemistry Olympiad which was hosted by the State of Kuwait from 15-19 October.

This is Qatar's first participation in the Chemistry Olympiad, and that's why what has been achieved is a great achievement, taking into consideration the short time that the team had to prepare for the Olympiad. The Qatari students demonstrated their potential among all the Arab countries, many of which already participate several times in the Arab Chemistry Olympiad.

The Qatar students were from the 11th and 12th grade while the Arab students were from the university level.

This achievement is added to the State of Qatar's record of interest in education, improving its outputs and achieving real competitiveness commensurate with the State's potential in improving the quality of education and improving the performance of its children in increasing educational attainment, as well as an improvement in the output of education in science.

The Chemistry Olympiad is a scientific competition in the field of chemistry for secondary students (boys and girls) from the Arab world. It is divided into two main axes, the first of which relates to theoretical chemical information in all branches of chemistry; the second is the practical aspect of conducting laboratory experiments. (QNA)


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