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​Minister Reviews Qatar's Progress in Education at UNESCO Conference

02 November 2017


His Excellency  the Minister of Education and Higher Education Dr Mohamed Abdul Wahed Ali Al-Hammadi reviewed the work accomplished and the progress made in enhancing the monitoring mechanisms for public education and ensuring the existence of accounting at the national level in Qatar, during the first discussion session of the 39th Session of the General Conference of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), yesterday.

Addressing the high-level ministerial meeting, HE the Minister of Education and Higher Education underlined that Qatar has taken steps to strengthen accounting in the education sector.

HE the Minister noted that the main performance indicators of the fourth goal of Sustainable Development have been included in the national network of educational information for the Ministry of Education and Higher Education. 

This will enable decision makers and task forces to monitor the progress of performance indicators and follow up the achievement of the goal periodically. 

HE the Minister noted that the national network includes various data related to the learner, teacher, educational institution and parents, and are linked to provide comprehensive information and data on the performance of the educational system in the country.

On the fourth goal of the Sustainable Development: “Ensure Inclusive and Quality Education for All and Promote Lifelong Learning”, HE the Minister said that a national committee comprising members from various institutions in the country has been formed to ensure follow-up on the implementation of this goal. An operational plan has also been prepared in accordance with the framework adopted by UNESCO member-states.


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