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Executive Committee of ​Education Excellence Award Holds Fifth Meeting

20 November 2017


The executive committee of the Education Excellence Day Award discussed the budget of the 11th edition during its fifth meeting, and reviewed the main events of this edition and a number of other articles related to the award as well as the establishment of a mural in Katara Cultural Village and an annual documentary exhibition of the award, in the light of the great success achieved during the last edition.

The committee is responsible for implementing and following up all decisions and recommendations issued by its board of trustees. It shall form the technical committees and task forces necessary to complete the award works, define their competencies, implement information and organizational plans for the Education Excellence Day, annual and financial operations, and take all measures to provide the requirements of the award of materials, work and supplies.

The award’s categories cover all educational stages from primary to doctorate level in addition to awarding teachers, schools, and scientific research.

It aims at honoring distinguished Qataris in various fields in order to spread the culture of creativity and excellence in the Qatari society.

It also aims to encourage students to achieve greater excellence and outstanding educational achievement and to enhance the integration of individual and institutional efforts to improve the outcomes of the educational process and promote them to international standards.



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