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​Ministerial Decision on the Executive Regulations of the Law on Organizing Private Schools

22 November 2017

His Excellency Dr. Mohammed Abdul Wahed Ali Al-Hammadi, the Minister of Education and Higher Education, issued a ministerial decree on the executive regulation of law No. (23) for the year 2015 organizing private schools.

The ministerial decision defines the school and explains the licensing process, required documents, the duration of the license, as well as the terms and conditions for license renewal. The decision also covers the specifications of the school building and premises and the operational system in private schools, and highlights the importance of records and files for creating school databases.

 The law also determines the amount of the bank guarantee, the date for application for the license and how to advertise it. The decision also stipulates the school obligation to send a copy of its financial budget and its final annual account statements to the competent authority at the end of each academic year with all required data, documents, records or files.


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