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​Mr. Al-Derham: Our students are Known for Good Conduct with their Teachers

08 January 2018

Mr. Khalifa Saad Al-Derham, the Director of the Public Schools Department at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, confirmed that the ministry has taken the necessary measures in cooperation with the competent authorities on the assault that took place Sunday morning against the principal of Omar Ibn Al-Khattab Secondary School for Boys and the vice-principal for the administrative affairs. Mr. Al-Derham stressed that the ministry stands by the victims and that it shall not tolerate any behavior that leads to the physical and psychological damage to any stakeholder in the educational process, whether principals, vice-principals, teachers and all personnel in schools.

He added that the principal was carrying out his duties and enforcing the regulations set by the ministry in dealing with any violation of the ongoing examinations. The Ministry of Education, in all its departments and affiliated institutions, is a sanctuary that must be preserved for its important role in upbringing and preparing the human resources of the State, pointing out that the Ministry of Education and Higher Education follows up the subject with the competent security authorities and shall not waive the recovery of its right and that of its employees.

 The director of the School's Affairs Department said that His Excellency the Minister directed the competent authorities in the departments of Schools and Legal Affairs to investigate and follow up the issue. A committee from the Ministry of Education was also set up to manage the school and reported that the incident had no impact on the progress of the tests.

 Mr. Al-Derham pointed out that this behavior is a rare and individual act, even a strange behavior to the conservative Qatari society, whose all subjects respect and appreciate education and its custodians, while students in public schools are known for their competence, good character and manner with their teachers.

The principal and vice-principal of Omar Ibn Al-Khattab Secondary School for Boys were attacked on Sunday morning by a student and his family. The security authorities took the necessary measures against the aggressors upon their arrest.

 HE Dr. Mohammed bin Abdul Wahid Al Hammadi, the Minister of Education and Higher Education, followed the incident with the competent authorities and visited the victims to inquire about their condition at Hamad Medical Corporation to receive treatment.


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