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​Ministry of Education Stresses Importance of Partnership with Private School Sector

16 January 2018

(QNA) - The Department of Private Schools in the Ministry of Education and Higher Education organized a meeting with the administrations and representatives of the private schools in the State in order to determine the progress of the educational process and the challenges faced by the private schools sector.

HE Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education Dr. Ibrahim bin Saleh Al-Nuaimi said in a speech, that the aim of the meeting is to strengthen the partnership between the ministry and the private schools sector. He stressed the education officials' keenness on this partnership because the educational sector is one of the most important foundations on which society is based.

He pointed out that the meeting provides an opportunity to learn about the views, observations and suggestions of private school administrations and work to address all the problems that may arise in the private schools sector. He stressed that the Ministry of Education ensures that all obstacles facing this sector are overcome and that everyone works to address the challenges and provide the best educational opportunities for students.

HE Dr. Ibrahim bin Saleh Al-Nuaimi said that the Ministry will reward distinguished schools and support them to raise the levels of their students. He called on private schools to exchange experiences between private schools on the one side and government schools on the other, and to cooperate with regard to curricula, educational experiences, teachers, educational tools and learning resources within the limits of the controls that guarantee a successful educational process.

During the meeting, Director of Planning and Quality Department at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, Dr. Turki Al Mahmoud affirmed the State's support for the private education sector.

He also reviewed the objectives of the education and training sector strategy, which includes 25 educational goals, and focuses on mechanisms for selecting teachers, curricula, school environment and the level of educational services provided to students.

He pointed out that the strategy ensures developing the performance of teachers and leaders of private schools, in addition to many initiatives for education projects, most importantly, the national measurement tests, and the development of a unified electronic system between the providers of educational services for private schools.

For her part Director of Private Schools Affairs at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education reviewed the regulations and controls governing the operation of private schools, focusing on the importance of applying the academic policy adopted by the Ministry of Education, which regulates the mechanism of teaching the three compulsory subjects (Arabic Language, Islamic Education and the History of Qatar), considering their importance for students in private schools.

She also pointed to the importance of reviewing books, curricula and educational resources in libraries and making sure that they are in line with the values, customs and traditions of Qatar.


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