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​Education Excellence Award: Names of Winners Announced

25 January 2018

(QNA) - The organizing committee of the Education Excellence Awards has announced 64 winners in the 11th edition over nine categories spanning primary education students, preparatory education students, high school certificate holders, university graduates, master's degree holders, PhD holders, excellence in teaching, excellent school, excellent scientific research. 

The committee said that the winners will be honored during a special ceremony on March 4. 

The award aims to recognize those excelling in scientific fields, deepen the concept of excellence and encourage individuals and educational institutions to develop their performance. It also aims to enhance the positive moves towards knowledge and scientific research, stimulate the spirit of innovation among students, researchers and educational institutions, increase the spirit of competition between individuals and educational institutions, and channel individual and institutional energies towards education excellence in areas that serve the achievement of the state's development directions. 

Speaking at a press conference on Thursday in the presence of the winners, Ms. Mona Mohammed Al-Kuwari, the executive vice president of the Education Excellence Awards said that the winners are a distinguished group of Qataris and their enthusiasm for the country's progress has motivated them to achieve excellence, highlighting the efforts of parents, which reflects the partnership between the educational institution and the family.

The award has become a goal that excelling people aspire to, especially with the high level of awareness among Qatari families, educators, students and researchers of the value and importance of the award, Ms. Al-Kuwari said. 

She added that the 11th edition of the award reflected the educational movement and stimulated serious competition between students and educational institutions. 

For his part, Mr. Hassan Abdullah Al-Mohamedi, the chairman of the executive committee of the award, said that the number of winners in the different categories was 64 out of 291 applicants, which is a record in the history of the award. 

Mr. Al-Mohamedi said that it indicates the spread of the culture of the award in the Qatari society as a result of the intensive efforts made to introduce it in educational circles as well as the work of the judge committees, which were based on strict criteria so as to ensure that the best candidates received the award. 

He said that a number of the winners of the awards for this year have already won it in previous stages of their education, which is an indication of their superiority, determination and enthusiasm.


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