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​Ministry of Education Publishes a New Issue of "Maharati"

31 January 2018

(QNA) - The Department of Early Education at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education published a new issue of "Maharati - My Skills" bulletin for parents of students in all grades of primary school. 

The January issue for students in the first, second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth grades was published and contained many awareness letters to parents, useful learning resources, and special instructions to encourage their children to learn. 

The Department has also published an electronic questionnaire to measure the extent to which parents benefit from the bulletin and their interaction with it. 

The Director of the Department of Early Education Mariam Al-Buainain said that the bulletin aims to create a continuous link between the parents and the school throughout the school year, as well as educating the parents by providing them with scientific and educational information that will help them in raising their children. 

She pointed out that the goal is also to provide parents with educational and life skills to deal with their children, and increase the parents awareness of the importance of their role in educating children through cooperation with the school and support its efforts, in addition to introducing new and exciting ways to teach children, and to strengthen communication between parents and school, on the one hand, and between parents and their children on the other.


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