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​Ministry of Education: Committed to Transparency in Private Schools' Tuition Fees

24 February 2018

(QNA) - The Ministry of Education and Higher Education said Saturday it was committed to transparency when it to private schools' tuition and the rights of parent to know the sums required before enrolling their children. 

Advisor of HE the Minister of Education and Higher Education for Private Schools Affairs Mr. Tarek Al Abdullah said today in a press conference said that the ministry is committed to have the enrollment process very clear to parents when deciding on a school for their children. 

He said that all schools must announce their tuition fees for the 2018/2019 academic year before the beginning of registration on March 1. The school must also inform the parents of the size of the fee so they can decide whether they will enroll in the same school or move to a different one. Al Abdullah stressed that the goal of updating the procedures was to help parents in order to ultimately boost the educational process. He also said that evaluation of private schools have become a mandatory process in light of the new legislative powers the ministry now has. 

The advisor of HE the minister then discussed the commitment of the ministry to improving the capabilities of teachers, as well as the role of the private sector in improving the performance of teachers. He highlighted a number of projects and initiatives that the ministry will undertake in the near future in that regard.

For his part, Director of the private schools' licensing department Hamad Al Ghali said that the Ministry accepted the request of 27 schools to raise tuition fees. The increase ranged between 2 percent and 20 percent. This was out of 115 requests to increase the fees, he added. 

He noted that there currently no ceiling for tuition fees, but that there was a plan to establish that once schools are divided into different categories. Registration will take place from March 1-October 31. Parents can receive a refund of fees he paid by April 2018 in two months' time, but not after that period. 

The academic calendar for private schools will start on August 29, 2018. The midterm break will be from December 23 to January 3. School will actually start on January 6, given the 3rd will be a Thursday. The spring break will be from April 7-11, given that April 11 coincides with Thursday, school will start on April 14. He noted, however, that schools of different communities are operated under the supervision of their embassies, which decide on their own academic calendar.


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