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​Survey Reveals Willingness and Readiness of Qatar's Private Sector to Invest in Education

01 May 2018

(QNA) - The results of a survey on the initiative to rent public schools to the private sector revealed the desire of the Qatari private sector and its readiness to invest in education. Qatari companies ranked first among the companies participating in the survey and accounted for 54.3% of the size of the sample of investors, followed by companies with foreign partnerships then foreign companies. 

The survey was conducted by the technical group of the Ministerial Group for the Encouragement and Participation of the Private Sector in the Economic Development Projects of Qatar. Qatari and foreign investors participated through an online questionnaire on the website of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education and Qatar Chamber. 

The results of the survey revealed the readiness of the private sector to provide all the requirements of educational projects including teachers, technical capabilities, finance and risk management, and to contribute to improving the quality of education and its outputs and other requirements by a readiness rate exceeding 87%, which indicates the Qatari private sector's interest and its desire to play a greater role in promoting education and achieving the goals of Qatar National Vision, in light of the advantages offered by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education to the private sector represented in school buildings, customs exemptions and exemption from electricity and water expenses and other benefits. 

According to the survey, Al-Khor city accounted for 45.7% of the sample of investors, as the most attractive region for investment in education, followed by Al-Shahaniya by 28.6%, Mesaieed by 22.9% and Doha by 2.9%. 

The results of the survey showed investors' interest and preferences in investing in schools that deal with all levels of education by 37.1% of the sample size, followed by schools that deal with nursery and primary education by 34.3%, and primary and preparatory schools by 14.29%. 

Concerning the needed curriculum by the regions came the American curriculum at the top of the desired curriculum, followed by the national curriculum, while the British curriculum came at the top of the desired curriculums in the initiative to allocate land to the private sector, followed by the Indian curriculum, and these curriculums are designed to meet the needs of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education and parents and their choices in light of the cultural diversity that characterizes the State of Qatar, as residents from different nationalities, are coming with their own cultural background and scientific and academic aspirations. 

According to the results of the survey, investors expressed interest in long-term leases of five years or more to reduce operating costs and reduce tuition fees, while 84% of them agreed to the Ministry of Education and Higher Education's procedures of one envelope system in accordance with the provisions of tenders and auction law. Investors also expressed satisfaction with the Ministry's procedures regarding the start of collection of rental value with the start of schools and in conjunction with the collection of tuition fees. 

Investors recommended that priority be given to investment in education for Qatari companies and private schools that deal with the national curriculum and the need to continuously conduct surveys for the private sector on educational policies, and to give priority to companies that provide all stages of the school initiative, where the results of the survey showed that investor prefer empty schools which are ready for maintenance comparing to those that need to be developed.


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