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​Qatar Participates in ALECSO's 24th Session in Tunisia

09 May 2018

(QNA) - The State of Qatar participated in the 24th session of the general conference of the Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization (ALECSO) with the a delegation led by His Excellency Minister of Education and Higher Education Dr. Mohammed bin Abdul Wahed Ali Al-Hammadi. 

During the two-day conference, participants discussed a number of key issues on the agenda, including a report on the implementation of the organization's programs, activities out of the program between the 23rd and 24th session of the general conference, a report on the work of ALECSO's executive council between the 23rd and 24th session, and the program and budget of the organization. 

Speaking during the first meeting of the session, HE Dr. Al-Hammadi praised ALECSO's performance in the recent period, especially regarding the strategic changes in the direction and mechanisms of the organization's work, and efforts to rationalize spending, reduce operational expenses, put an end to tasks outside the activities of the organization, and diversify the organization's funding sources, calling for a continuation of this approach. 

HE the Minister of Education and Higher Education hailed the work of the organization on the implementation of a series of programs, notably the ALECSO Observatory, the digitization of scientific and intellectual publications, and the development of a reference manual for monitoring and evaluating programs. 

HE Dr. Al-Hammadi reiterated support for the director general to carry on the transparent approach that he adopted in presenting his report. 

Concluding his speech, HE the Minister called on ALECSO to form a committee of Arabic language teaching experts to develop a set of standards for teaching Arabic in the Arab world in order to serve as a global reference in that area. He noted that today there are international sources for the standards of all subjects except Arabic. 

The conference also discussed the Arabic language and the importance of preserving it and the need to give it its due right in light of the challenges it currently faces, which calls for re-energizing it as it represents the nation's identity and symbol of its survival so that it continues to be present in the fields of science, knowledge, culture and public life at the Arab and international levels.


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