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​Ministry of Education and Higher Education, Huawei Announce Huawei Qatar Digital Skills and Education Programme

01 November 2018

The Ministry of Education and Higher Education held today a joint press conference with Huawei to announce Huawei Qatar Digital Skills & Education Programme. A number of key officials attended the press conference, convened at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education Tower, including HE Dr. Ibrahim Al-Nuaimi, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education; Mr. Peng Chengliang, the Assistant to the Ambassador of the People's Republic of China to Qatar for Economic Affairs; Mr. Fan Tao, CEO of Huawei Technologies L.L.C.; as well as Dr. Khalid Al-Ali, the Director of Higher Education Institute; and Mr. Hassan Abdulla Al-Mohamedi, the Director of Public Relations and Communications Department of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education.

HE Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education Dr. Ibrahim Al-Nuaimi stated: “I am very pleased to meet you all today as we launch Huawei Qatar Digital Skills & Education Programme. We are very proud of our continued cooperation with Huawei for supporting the technology sector and future leaders of the State of Qatar, by working to promote entrepreneurship among students.”

HE the Undersecretary added that education has become a basic requirement to cope with the world's developments, which made technology in turn a core factor in the educational process. Dr. Al-Nuaimi further stated that it has become unimaginable to separate technology from education.

Dr. Al-Nuaimi stressed that technology is important in empowering Qatari students in their effort to pursue education. He noted that digital education has democratized knowledge. He pointed out that the Chinese company Huawei has identified three project areas relevant for Higher Education, which include Academia projects within the Ministry’s core services: A higher education student talent development and training via ICT skills competition, higher education work placement internship programmes, and the “Seeds for the Future” overseas trip programme.

For his part, Mr. Peng Chengliang, the Assistant to the Ambassador of the People's Republic of China to Qatar for Economic Affairs, expressed his happiness and delight at the great opportunity the Ministry of Education and Higher Education offered to Huawei by cooperating on this programme. He added that Huawei is a leading global provider of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices. He highlighted the company's partnership with other Qatari companies, such as Ooredoo.

Mr. Fan Tao, CEO Huawei Technologies Qatar, said: “Huawei is committed to supporting the needs of the State of Qatar, and ICT talent is a vital element of this. As Qatar continues on its journey of Digital Transformation, we will work with the government to ensure best practices and global industry standards in the regional ICT industry, thereby supporting the ambitious goals of Qatar Vision 2030.”

Mr. Fan Tao added: "We have great confidence that the program will achieve its objectives of empowering students in the field of ICT and we have a growing aspiration to continue our cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education and other ministries and firms."

Dr. Khalid Al-Ali, the Director of Higher Education Institute, stated on the occasion: "Our role is to provide services and ensure our mission as facilitators for higher education students so that the largest number of Qatari students will seize this wonderful opportunity. Technology now attracts the attention of Qatari youth and we expect there will be a large number of Qatari students interested in Huawei Qatar Digital Skills & Education Programme."

Mr. Farhan Khan, the Vice President of Huawei Qatar said: “The ICT Skill Competition will offer students opportunities to gain valuable experience in the industry. Participants will work in a real laboratory, and tackle some of the industry’s most complex challenges. The competition material is based on advanced IP and IT material, and tests competitors on their knowledge of cloud computing, switching, routing, and network security. It is a unique opportunity for students to test their abilities in ICT’s most cutting edge fields.”

Huawei is collaborating with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education to achieve the objectives of the Programme. The partners will work with educational institutions to identify and nurture Qatar’s finest talent, and strengthen the platform for building effective partnerships with local distributors. The program will additionally bridge the gap between the classroom and the workplace by promoting educational alliances with leading ICT talent and telecommunications agencies.

Huawei developed the higher educational program in a move to promote the growth of Qatar’s ICT talent ecosystem as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The program is designed to meet ever rising modern international standards of excellence by developing the skills and capacities of students to the highest industry standards. It

promotes creativity and innovation among students, as well as valuable critical thinking skills and aptitudes that will enable the rising generation to succeed in a digital and inter-connected world, and support the success of Qatar Vision 2030.

Huawei invest in developing the next generation of local ICT talent through special initiatives such as ICT Competition and its flagship CSR program Seeds for the Future that has been running for ten consecutive years in over 108 countries, designed to transfer knowledge, cultivate understanding and greater interest in the ICT industry, and encourage broader involvement in the digital community.

Huawei believes in giving back to local communities and Contributing to local industry through sharing the global value chain; driving local employment and economic growth; local investment and procurement; aligning with local ICT strategies; contributing to local digitization and achieving the national targets.

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibilities, Huawei has developed Huawei Qatar Digital Skills & Education Programme of excellence in order to meet modern international standards of engagement and furthermore to provide students within higher education the opportunities to develop their abilities, skills, capacities, and capabilities within the remit of a leading industry standard, as well as the training to succeed in a world with increasing educational requirements.

The Ministry of Education and Higher Education and Huawei, via this Programme of Excellence, desire to promote and enhance their collaboration and exchanges in the field of Academia with a view to further enhancing the development and adoption of best skills and practices for the upcoming and aspiring skilled education in the State of Qatar. In all, allowing for the promotion of analytical skills, critical thinking, developing further creativity and innovation, all under the guise of an interconnected and digital world, so that the promotion of social cohesion and respect for the values and heritage of Qatari society will be upheld towards fulfilling the noble prestigious goal of the Qatar National Vision 2030.


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