Service Details

Facilitate the task of the researcher

Department Name


Service Type

Detailed Description Of The Service

How to get the service (detailed steps)

Submit a document to facilitate the researcher to carry out its task in the field of education

1 - fill out the forms model 3.1 (documented summary of the research, undertaking and acknowledgment)

2 - will send a document to facilitate the task Researcher

Documents Required From The Client


Service Terms And Conditions

1 - to provide the Office of Policy Analysis and Research printed copy and electronic search after it ends.
2 - to abide by the confidentiality of the information and data on a sample search.

Required Time To Provide The Service

during the school year

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Service Provider Contacts

Name: Lolwa Rashed Alnaimi
Tel: 44044631
Address: SEC Towar - Al Dafna area