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Professional license

Department Name

Evaluation Institute

Service Type

Detailed Description Of The Service

The Office of Professional Licenses grant teachers and school leaders senior management, middle and staff educational support professional license temporary Upon completion electronic registration to start then prepare the file professional accomplishment according to the professional standards of national teachers and school leaders on the one hand and policy office professional licenses, according to sections file brief career on the other hand.

How to get the service (detailed steps)

Communion with the Office of Professional Licenses hardcopy or electronically or by telephone.

Documents Required From The Client

ational identity card - an official letter from the school - temporary professional license number or full.


Service Terms And Conditions

Falls down the target group's professional license of teachers and middle management and senior management and educational support staff for schools.

Required Time To Provide The Service

During the official working hours from Sunday to Thursday from seven in the morning until 2:00 PM.

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Service Provider Contacts

Name: Ms. Noor Alhuda Al Rasheed
Tel: 44559472
Address: Professional license Office - E-Ring road - Evaluation Institute