Certificates Attestation and Equivalency section

In keeping up with  Qatar  vision for 2030, the Ministry of  Education and Higher Education adopts a diversification policy in education  through opening up the scope for government and foreign schools to participate in the educational domain  in the  solid belief that  such diversity  will create an atmosphere of competition  through which all institutions seek to be  the best, which reflects on the role of Qatar internationally.  The variety in the evaluation standards among  the international systems and institutions  has led to, and through the  students information center, to lay down the criteria that will facilitate all difficulties for  students who wish to continue their studies or join their careers.

Services offered by the Attestation and equivalency  section:
  • Attestation of school certificates : This  service is offered through attestation and equivalency section as well as government services centers:
 It means the ministry`s approval and legalization of the live signature and seal of a school inside Qatar only, in preparation for the certificate  to be used in or outside Qatar.
  • Issuance of study certificate(This  service is offered through attestation and equivalency section as well as government services centers):
It means producing a replacement for a lost certificate from a government school or a private school applying Qatari curricula criteria.
  • Certificates Equivalency : ( This service is offered  through Attestation and Equivalency Section only)
It is an assessment of a non Qatari education system on a scale of twelve years to the corresponding level in Qatari system. Applicants only  to government schools or Qatari Curricula Criteria Schools are eligible to equivalency.

          Forms:  ( forms are filled and submitted in hand to the  mentioned authorities)
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