School Evaluation Office

The School Evaluation Office is responsible for designing, implementing and overseeing the evaluation of all schools in Qatar. This system of evaluation is designed to ensure that schools are accountable for providing quality education and to assist schools in their development and improvement.

In conducting evaluations and monitoring, data is obtained from multiple sources – students, parents, teachers, principals, school reports and other resources, as well as independently obtained information from field visits to schools. This information is then used to analyze, evaluate and report on the performance of schools individually and collectively. The ultimate goal of school evaluation is to promote the highest quality outcomes for all students.

The School Evaluation Office prepares and makes available the annual School Report Cards (SRCs) on all the Independent, semi independent, private Arabic and international schools in Qatar. These reports help parents become informed about and involved in schools by providing them with the information necessary to make decisions about the schooling options best suited to their children’s educational needs.

The SRCs include data on many different areas of schooling including academic achievement, frequently used teaching methods, parental involvement, facilities and resources. They are available to parents, the general public, teachers, and school administrators, to learn about how schools are performing.

The School Evaluation Office is granting of accreditation for the national private schools in Qatar; in order to evaluate the quality level of education provided by the school, and that the school has achieved the conditions and specifications required to obtain the operating license.