Advising Career Development Centre

The mission of the ACC is to provide comprehensive advising & career counseling services that will help students and graduates make educational and career choices based on their interests, abilities, values as well as the needs of the labor market.

Advising & Career Development Center consists of:

  1. The Counseling Unit aims to provide the best advising & career counseling services to students by offering the following services:
    • Assist students in applying for the different HEI scholarship programs and ensure they meet all scholarship requirements.
    • Organize outreach to the public, independent and private schools to inform students about the ACC services and HEI scholarship programs
    • Help students in applying to the different HEI scholarship institutions.
    • Conduct group counseling sessions to help students identify their abilities, interests, values as well as the job market and make decisions based on the needs of the Qatari labor market
    • Conduct individual counseling sessions for the students who are undecided about the university major they would like to pursue
  2. Alumni & Business Relations Unit is responsible for establishing strong positive relations with the different job sectors to achieve the following:
    • Build a database to ensure that students, graduates and job seekers get updated information on the needs of Qatar’s labor market
    • Arrange workshops about job searching techniques
    • Provide the labor market with information about new graduates
    • Act as a liaison between the representatives of the different sectors and the job seekers
    • Link individuals to jobs based on their abilities and interests.
    • Identify the needs of the labor market in order to provide guidance to students and employees on what majors to pursue.
  3. Verification & Follow-up Unit examines all the students’ documentation applying for the different scholarship programs to ensure they meet all the scholarship requirements. The major tasks are:
    • Check the university letter of acceptance
    • Check the on-line scholarship application
    • Study the cases of existing scholarship candidates
    • Study the special cases and making recommendations accordingly

Other Services:
Testing Services: Recognized as a Certified Test Administration Center for iBT TOEFL, SAT, ACT tests, the HEI’s Advising and Career Development Center helps prepare students for these tests. Resource Library: The ACC provides and maintains a library of resources including brochures, catalogues, videos, CDs, DVDs and other resources that may assist students, graduates and counselors broaden their knowledge.