Institutional Standards Office

The Institutional Standards Office (ISO) is responsible for ensuring quality of the higher education institutions inside and outside Qatar and granting licenses for the educational institutions based on the policies and procedures set by the HEI. The ISO:

  1. Prepares the policies and the criteria related to the quality of higher education and its development
    • Issue a list of criteria related to higher education institutions with regards to licensing and accreditation requirements.

  2. Prepare and update the HEI list of scholarship institutions
    • Select the best universities for scholarship recipients based on international ranking criteria to achieve the best academic and research outputs
    • Prepare a list of universities based on the different fields of study
    • Issue graduation documents to scholarship recipients after certificate equivalency

  3. License and accredit programs of higher education institutions working in the state of Qatar
    • Ensure all private higher education institutions abide by the quality criteria and standards that are approved by HEI
    • Provide licenses and accreditation to private institutions based on assessments (internal and external) and final approval from the committee responsible for assessment

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