Scholarship Office

The HEI’s scholarship office is responsible for administering scholarship programs which enable students to be supported in under-graduate and post-graduate studies at the best higher education institutions in Qatar and around the world. This office is also responsible for following up on scholarship recipients’ financial and administrative affairs, and monitoring their academic progress by communicating with their respective universities, guardians and students themselves via e-mails, phone calls, letters or visits.

In November 2009, the Higher Education Institute updated the list of the best colleges and universities from around the world that students can attend with scholarship support from the government. The list, which now totals 675 schools, ensures scholarship recipients in Qatar will be receiving the best post-secondary education possible. Also in November 2009, the HEI announced the Hamad bin Khalifa and the Tamim bin Hamad Grants Programs, which will offer high achieving students scholarships to 30 select universities.

The scholarship office administers scholarship programs based on the following geographic distribution:

  1. Qatar
  2. Arab region and Australia
  3. United Kingdom & Europe
  4. United States & Canada

Interested students can contact the Advising and Career Development Center at 4560720- 4560731- 4560732- 4560733- 4560737- 4560737 for more information on the above programs.