About the Institue

    Students graduating from high school today are entering an increasingly competitive, rapidly changing global society. To meet the new demands of the 21st century, students will need to develop a wide range of skills and knowledge. Increasingly, higher education will serve as the driving force for students to gain these skills and knowledge needed to succeed. The Supreme Education Council’s Higher Education Institute recognizes the fundamental role higher education will play in enabling Qatar’s youth and the entire nation to prosper.​

    Through a variety of scholarship programs, the Higher Education Institute is encouraging Qatar’s youth to pursue higher education and helping prepare them for the rigors they will face in applying to and attending the top colleges and universities around the world. It is working to help students advance their dreams, explore their interests and improve their abilities, while addressing the evolving needs of Qatar’s labor market.

    The HEI guiding principles:
    In order to achieve its objectives, the HEI follows five guiding principles:
    • Quality:
      The HEI promotes study at the highest quality institutions to help students to achieve self-learning and continuing education that is aligned to international standards.
    • Flexibility:
      The HEI system provides students with the opportunity to select the university of choice and the field of study that matches their abilities and interests, and meet the needs of the labor market.
    • Accountability:
      The HEI seeks to create responsible students who become self-reliant in their learning process and active participants within the academic society.
    • Competency:
      Build student competency through continued academic support provided by the HEI.
    • Support:
      The HEI helps students throughout the scholarship process and informs them on the options they have – from choosing a major, to helping in the transition process, to providing information on employment opportunities after graduation.

    Main objectives of the HEI
    • Provide opportunities to further develop the students’ language, critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
    • Provide opportunities for students to have more awareness and understanding of other cultures
    • Provide opportunities for high achieving students to prepare themselves for future leadership roles.
    • Meet workforce needs.
    • Offer flexibility to outstanding Qatari students by allowing them to pursue interests in fields that directly benefit the society and economy.

    The HEI offices:
    In order to promote opportunities for excellence and to achieve its objectives, the HEI operates through the following offices: