Research and Policy Analysis

The Office of Research and Policy Analysis seeks to achieve a set of important goals and objectives in the interest of the educational process, as follows:

1.     Assessment and evaluation of educational policies, through the analysis and evaluation of educational policies, and develop them through data analysis results.

2.     Access to leadership in strategic planning of education, in terms of building strategic plans for various aspects of education, and follow up the implementation of strategic plans, programs and projects.

3.     Conducting research and educational studies, linking scientific research objectives of the strategy of education and training, exploring various components of the challenges facing the educational system, and conduct studies and research around them in order to provide proposals to address them, monitor the implementation of the recommendations and proposals resulting from the studies and educational research, and supervision of educational projects and participate in collaboration with internal and external entities.

4.     Building a special system of information, data and indicators, at a high degree of efficiency and effectiveness, by providing educational information and indicators to support decision-makers, and exploring the challenges and educational problems through information and indicators.​