The Advisory Committees

 The Qatari society has fully joined the path of democracy, together with all the state councils, civil institutions and professional associations. The educational sector was not an exception. Having a great number of teachers, school principals (license holders), students, parents and other stakeholders, the educational sector generates outputs that impose an impact - more or less - on Qatar National Vision 2030. The necessity entails these stakeholders be more involved in the educational affairs so as to play a new but effective role in the 21st century… a role that improves the educational outputs and guaranties Qatar’s leadership worldwide, within knowledge-based society and economy.

The Supreme Education Council has thus sought to form a number of advisory committees, namely: The School Principals Advisory Committee (license holders), the Teachers Advisory Committee and the Advisory Committee for Boards of Trustees in Independent Schools. These committees are established based on the mechanism of direct selection with due transparency that reflects the mission of the SEC: To develop a world-class student-centered education system leading to human development, one of the main pillars of Qatar National Vision 2030.