What is the difference between the Community College and the University?

There are several differences between the community college and the university in terms of duration of study and the type of degrees granted. The community college offers two year programs (4 semesters) leading to the “Associate’s Degree”. This degree allows the graduates either to enter the workforce directly or transfer to a university to complete their Bachelor’s Degree. The community college also grants training certificates in some fields that are highly demanded by the labor market. Studying at a university requires four years (8-semesters) leading to the “Bachelor’s Degree”. Articulation agreements between the community college and universities will provide the opportunity for community college graduates to apply credits earned for the Associate’s Degree toward their Bachelor’s Degree requirements.

What is the Community College of Qatar?

The Community College of Qatar is a new outstanding educational initiative which is part of the Educational Reform, It aims to serve the society by providing students with opportunities to either pursue their higher education degrees or prepare them for employment. The “Community College” model that has evolved over 125 years in the US, embracing more than 1,200 colleges, will be adopted to establish the Community College of Qatar with some adaptations to fit Qatari Society.

What is the role of the Evaluation Institute in evaluating private schools?

The Evaluation Institute ensures that schools are accountable for the quality of education they provide. The Evaluation Institute also helps enhance schools’ use of educational data and evaluation in monitoring and developing their own performance. Private schools will have to participate in the Evaluation Institute activities, such as; Enumeration, School Report Cards, National Assessment and/or International Exams.

How will the PSO ensure that private schools are meeting the needs of children with special needs?

Private schools that have students with Additional Educational Support Needs (AESN) need to comply with several conditions set forth by the SEC. First, the schools must assure the SEC that their curricula takes into account and meets the diverse needs, interests and learning styles of these students, and celebrates their achievements and progress. Schools must also provide the SEC with a description of the educational and social programs offered to students with AESN. They must also provide a description of the types of facilities and services offered to these students.

Why must every private school have a board of trustees?

All schools should form an elected Board of Trustees who can represent parents and the school community. All members should participate on a voluntary basis, support school goals, provide guidance to the school principal, help monitor school performance and play a key role in solving problems raised by the community.