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School Evaluation Department monitors the quality of pedagogy and educational activities/operations performed by school management and educators in schools and kindergartens, and the support provided to schools and kindergartens to ensure the smooth running of school day. School Evaluation Department is mainly responsible for developing and promoting an outstanding School Evaluation and Accreditation System based on the best international standards. The Department is also tasked to ensure that such system is in place in all Qatar ’s government/public and private schools and kindergartens, with a view to improving the overall performance of schools and kindergartens, thus achieving better outcomes as a result of longterm evaluation and accreditation processes.​ Importantly, the Department conducts surveys on an annual basis, to track stakeholders’ views with regards to the educational process in schools and kindergartens. It also assesses stakeholders’ satisfaction with the services provided by such schools and Kindergartens and shares their views as they are compiled in the form of different annual educational reports such as School Performance Report Cards, Qatar School Education Reports, and Summary of Qatar School Education Report. ​
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