​The Ministry of Education and Higher Education has announced the list of food items available in school canteens for the academic year 2022-2023 to public school principals. The Ministry also provides free daily meals to students in school canteens. According to the Ministry, the supplier must commit to providing meals in accordance with the approved prices and the required nutritional standards in accordance with the State of Qatar's nutrition guidelines, and based on the following classificationDaily food items food items that must be presented daily in the school canteen so that at least two items from each group are available daily.Weekly food items food items served once a week in the school canteenProhibited food items food that are not permitted to be served in the school canteen. The school canteen food menu included a detailed explanation divided into the three categories daily food items, weekly food items, and prohibited food items. For example Daily meals include whole grain sandwiches and pancakes, fruits, vegetables, salads, appetizers and drinks such as milk, juices, water, milk products and integrated meals. It is also allowed during the week to offer food items such as biscuits, cakes and snacks, and it is not allowed to offer sweets, candies, soft drinks, energy drinks and fruit drinks, fried foods, chips, cured meats, chocolate and its products, as well as salty foods. The types of pancakes, sandwiches, drinks, milk, water, salads, appetizers, fruits and vegetables, and full breakfasts for all stages are clarified, considering the type, weight, price, and nutritional standards required for each item in the canteens. A set of special dishes, soups, and hot drinks are also provided for preparatory and secondary school students only.
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