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The National Qualifications Framework is a mandatory benchmark instrument to identify, classify, and regulate academic and technical national qualifications across different levels of learning according to specific criteria. Its recognized as a single and integrated benchmarking framework that covers the various sectors of education for example academic, vocational, technical, and specialized education. NQF is mandatory for all educational institutions, higher education and vocational educational in the country. Such institutions are required to align both their existing and any subsequent qualifications with the national framework. A national qualifications framework is designed to improve the quality of qualifications and link them with each other to facilitate learning opportunities and educational advancement. The qualifications framework also facilitates recognition of existing qualifications in the country and serve as structural development of all new qualifications. In addition, NQF is a considered as comparison and alignment instrument for national qualifications with their international counterparts. Furthermore, the NQF would contribute to promoting lifelong learning and guide review and development programs of the country’s educational system

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