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The government provides Qatari students with scholarships to pursue their desired field of study in Qatar and abroad after high school. In order to ensure the highest quality standards​ and educational outcomes, the Ministry of Education and Higher Education compiles a list of colleges and universities abroad that are eligible for Qatari scholarships.

As of 2017, this list contains more than 650 post-second​​ary institutions representing more than 25 countries in Europe, Asia, North America, and Oceania. It is updated every two years.

The Ministry also compiles a list of app​​roved universities for online education. In 2017, more than 155 institutions were approved.

To be eligible for a scholarship, students must gain acceptance to one of the approved universities found on either the Emiri Scholarship or, the Approved Universities list.

The Emiri Scholarship is the most prestigious scholarship awarded by the government to students who gain acceptance to 30 of the world's most elite universities, including Harvard, Yale, Oxford, University of Melbourne, and McGill University.

Students wishing to study at their own expense must still obtain a pre-approval to ensure their university of choice is approved by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education.