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Licensing Higher Education Institution

The Ministry of Education and Higher Education is concerned with supervising the higher education, granting licenses to establish private higher education institutions and considering relevant applications submitted by different parties. Therefore, it sets a number of academic procedures and standards to make it easy for those wishing to establish higher education institutions in the State of Qatar.

The Ministry has developed a handbook on the procedures for licensing higher education institutions and a handbook on the standards for licensing higher education institutions and programs to simplify the procedures and address difficulties that may face those wishing to establish higher education institutions.

To this end, the Ministry provides advice and guidance during the initial stages of the projects, as well as continuous support throughout the different stages of establishing higher education institutions.

The purposes of establishing such procedure and standard handbooks are to set a clear system for those wishing to start higher education institutions, simplify licensing procedures and address the difficulties they may encounter. This shall, in no way, affect the provision and management of high-quality academic programs, which produce high academic and practical outputs and, thus, contribute towards the advancement of the Qatari society.
Through the adoption of these standards, the Ministry further aims at promoting investment and increasing the number of private higher education institutions. This will help to diversify the higher education fields nationwide and increase the higher education enrollment rates to serve all community members. It will further expand partnership between the public and private sectors.

Interested parties can view the Handbook on Procedures for Licensing Higher Education Institutions and the Handbook on Standards for Licensing Higher Education Institutions. You can also contact the Higher Education Institutions Affairs Department over the phone: (+974) 44044940 or via email at