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Opportunities and Benefits

Today, the educational sector has a vibrant mix of public and private K-12 schools as well as higher education institutions. There are 322 registered private schools and kindergartens, with varying curricula, including international curricula and schools serving diverse communities. Qatar has nearly doubled the number of licensed colleges and universities over the past 5 years to 30, both public and private.
With this as a backdrop, Qatar is seeking investors to be part of this growing and vibrant sector. Qatar's priorities include establishing new K-12 private schools and universities, as well as training and vocational centers.​​

There are many benefits that make Qatar an attractive investment opportunity. There is a growing market for international private schools at all educational levels. While private schools are licensed and regulated, school operators are able to set their own curricula and do their own hiring. 

In addition, investment laws have specified 100% ownership by individuals or companies wanting to establish and run educational institutions in Qatar. And under a newly amended law on foreign direct investment, non-Qatari investors can get help in securing land for their schools and are exempt from duties on equipment imported into the country. And there are other financing incentives for those wanting to enter the market. To learn more, click here.

Qatari leadership is also investing heavily in technology infrastructure, including in education that fosters innovation both in how schools are run and how they communicate with their stakeholders. ​