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Qatar’s International Ranking

  • The World Economic Forum’s Global Competitive Report 2019 ranks Qatar 6th out of more than 140 developed and developing countries on “critical thinking in teaching
  • GCI ranks Qatar 8th in skills of graduates and 16th in quality of vocational training
  • In 2017/18, nearly 34,000 students attended colleges and universities in Qatar
  • Qatar topped the world's top Arab and world number one in the World Economic Forum's World Economic Forum World Education Quality Index in Davos in 2019
  • Qatar ranked eighth in the world in the Graduate Skills Index, according to the 2019 World Economic Forum's Competitiveness Report in Davos
  • Qatar ranked first in the Arab world and fifth in the world in the education system quality index in 2017/18
  • Qatar ranked seventh in the world in school management quality in 2017/18
  • Qatar ranked sixth in the world in the quality of mathematics and science in 2017/18
  • Ranked 20th in the world in the Quality Index of Scientific Research Institutions in 2018/19
  • Qatar ranked fifth in the field of the availability of engineers and scientists in 2017/18
  • ​Qatar ranked 10th in the world in the quality of primary education, according to the 2017/18 World Economic Forum(WORLD Economic Forum) Competitiveness Report in Davos