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General Educational Program

The Ministry has created an adult educational program for students who do not meet the mandatory requirements of education (students above 18 years or who completed the preparatory stage), as well as those who were dismissed from daytime education classes because of marriage or repetitive failure, among others. This education program aims to help students continue their learning, regardless of whether they are employed or not.

There are two approved types of curricula used for adult education. The first curriculum belongs to the daytime adult education from Grade 5 to Grade 12, while the second is for the literacy classes.
The Ministry offers a set of privileges for adult education students, including special education services for students with disabilities.

Parallel Educational Track
The parallel educational track uses a customized program that help students who are unable to complete their secondary studies. In this track, reduced curriculum is taught to students in grades 10, 11 and 12 against a set of standards that ensure a basic level of knowledge and skills in all subjects. In grade 11 and grade 12, however, only one educational track is used (tracks included in public education does not apply).

Subjects Taught in Each Grade:

  • Grade 10:
    Islamic, Arabic, English, mathematics, public science, social studies, computer and information technology
  • Grade 11:
    Islamic, Arabic, English, mathematics, public science, history, geography, computer, and information technology
  • Grade 12:
    Islamic, Arabic, English, mathematics, public science, history, geography, computer, and information technology

Certificate Awarded:
Students who successfully complete the adult education grade 12 are awarded "Grade 12 Completion Certificate." This is equivalent to the high school diploma in terms of the entitlement to employment and job promotions only. The certificate, however, does not make students eligible to proceed with the university education either locally or abroad.

To explore the list of assigned schools,please click here, you can also access the frequently asked questions page to learn more about the new parallel track, including registration requirements, and necessary documents and evaluation policy.