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Private Education Sector

Private schools are welcome in Qatar. They are licensed by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education and are an alternative to the K-12 public schools. In the 2019/20 academic year, there are more than 332 private schools serving approximately 211,000 students. Private schools offer a wide variety of curricula, philosophies, and activities that meet the needs of individual students and their families.

The Ministry requires all private schools to teach in their curricula Arabic language, Islamic studies and Qatari history.

There are international schools such as the American, British, French, and German schools; community schools serving different nationalities; and Qatari schools such as the Qatar Academia Arabic schools.

The curriculum in private schools varies from school to school. Some offer the International Baccalaureate degree. Others have adopted the British curriculum. Still others have put in place curriculum that suits the philosophy and goals of the school. Some schools offer students a more specialized education in such subjects as science and technology. And there are many more possibilities.

Once licensed, the Ministry monitors private schools to ensure they are complyi​ng with the academic terms of their license and that their educational plans are met. They also approve the delivery of curricula and its relevant resources and ensure that teachers are using the latest pedagogical methods. In addition, the Ministry ensures that students' safety and security, as well as the educational values of the country, are met.

Qatar's government offers funding in the form of educational vouchers to Qatari students who attend private schools in Qatar.​ To learn more click here​.