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​Organizing Committee Invites Nominations for EED Awards

30 October 2017


The organising committee of Education Excellence Award will start receiving nominations today for the award of scientific excellence at its 11th edition. The deadline for accepting nominations is November 26.

In order to raise awareness of the Qatari community about the award, the Ministry of Education and Higher Education will organise an intensive advertising campaign through various media, through its official website and through social media.

It has also identified a special online page for the Scientific Excellence Award, including its various categories, and contains the identification guides for all categories.

This award aims to honour Qataris who excel in science and several other fields to disseminate the culture of creativeness and excellence in the society of Qatar and encourage all individuals and educational institutions to improve their performance, and to promote positive attitudes towards knowledge and scientific research, inspire the spirit of innovation among students, researchers and educational institutions.

The award includes nine categories: the scientific excellence award for primary school students, the scientific excellence award for middle school students, the high school students, the university graduates, the master’s degree holders, PhD holders, the distinguished teacher award, the distinguished school award and the distinguished scientific research award.


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