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​Ministry Holds Meeting on Guidelines of Psychological Service in Public Schools

29 October 2017

(QNA / The Peninsula)

The Ministry of Education and Higher Education held a meeting for the psychologists in public schools, to discuss the guideline of psychological service, and the work of the psychological specialist for the academic year 2017-2018.

It emphasized the need to change the way of thinking and working, which necessitate the provision of quality education and learning for sustainable development at all levels and environments, especially since such development cannot be achieved through mere technological solutions.

The meeting included a presentation on the developmental aspect in the work of the psychologist, and a presentation on the preventive role in this regard, in view of the consideration that the school is the primary social institution, in which students spend most of their day, and is an important social body that enjoys sufficient support from the community, being supported by various educational services.

A presentation of the therapeutic aspect of the work of the psychological specialist for all grades was presented as an application of strategies and methods of treatment in many basic theories of counseling and psychotherapy, especially in the behavioral and cognitive behavioral trend, with the aim of promoting positive behaviors against the negative ones.

 In addition, some information and guidance that help the psychological specialists in their work were presented along with a brief presentation of the guideline of psychological service and its annexes.


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