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​Speech of HH the Emir Incorporated in Arabic Language Curricula

04 January 2018

The Arabic Language section of the Department of Educational Supervision in the Ministry of Education and Higher Education has included the speech of glory and steadfastness delivered by His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, the Emir of the State of Qatar, on 21 July 2007, in the Arabic language curriculum for the secondary stage.

The inclusion of his HH the Emir’s speech aims at engaging students with the authentic social and human values that prevail in the Qatari society, and represents an embodiment of steadfastness, pride and glory of the State of Qatar facing unjust blockade.

It is worth mentioning that the Arabic Language section, under the guidance of the Educational Supervision Department, has employed the discourse in the targeted curricula as a component in the lessons on persuasive texts for the secondary stage. The speech is presented as a core text focusing on the Arab values known to the Qatari society, as well as stability, dignity and progress, tolerance, justice, respect for charters and treaties, defending the oppressed, cooperation between citizens and residents, and other human values inherent in the conscience of each Qatari citizen as values inherited from generation to generation.

The Department of Educational Guidance of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education seeks to provide students with a wide range of knowledge through the provision of diverse sources of learning relevant to their lives and to their community and homeland. The department spares no efforts to provide them with the necessary basic skills for their intellectual and moral growth with a view to build the right personality and social development necessary for the making of a good citizen.


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