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​Ministry of Education: No Question Paper Leaked at Exams

17 January 2018

Gulf Times - The Ministry of Education and Higher Education affirmed yesterday that there was no leak of question paper at the recent first term exams at public schools in Qatar.

The statement was in response to rumors circulating on social media. It has been clarified that no question paper was leaked before the exams started. However, there were very few cases of students leaking questions by taking pictures with their phones during the exam, that too without the knowledge of the examiners. “All the legal punitive measures were taken against such students as stipulated in the disciplinary policy of the ministry. In addition, a teacher and coordinator who were caught helping some students with the answers were immediately fired them from their jobs and referred to the Public Prosecution.”

The ministry described the physical assault of school officials at Omar Ibn Al Khattab Independent Secondary School and Qatar Banking Studies and Business Administration Independent Secondary School for Boys as isolated incidents alien to the Qatari society. 

“The violators were given the strictest possible penalties, including barring the students concerned from any school in Qatar and filing a criminal case against them.”

Similarly, the ministry withdrew the licence of a private school for abysmal ethical, disciplinary and educational standards.


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