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​Ministry of Education Holds Seminar on Integrating Siege into Curricula

14 May 2018

(QNA) - The Ministry of Education and Higher Education organized a seminar on the integration of the unjust siege of the State of Qatar into the educational curricula, in which a number of specialists, educators and academics from some relevant state authorities took part. 

Participants in the seminar agreed on the importance of the subject and to include topics about the siege in educational curricula as a significant historical event. 

They also pointed to other beneficial aspects of the unjust siege such as disseminating media awareness and refining the skills of students, and made a number of recommendations in this regard. 

At the end of the seminar, Rima Abu Khadija, director of the curricula and learning sources department at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, said the department will work on an urgent executive plan to include the recommendations of the seminar in the national educational curriculum for the 2018-19 academic year, whether in learning sources or through curricula-based student activities.


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