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​Ministerial Decision Forming Board of Trustees of Qatar-Finland International School

16 May 2018

His Excellency Dr. Mohammed Abdul Wahid Al-Hammadi, the Minister of Education and Higher Education, issued today a decision on forming the Board of Trustees of Qatar-Finland International School. The board, according the Decision, shall be chaired by Mr. Saeed Jassim Al-Sayed and shall have the membership of Ms. Sheikha Saif Al-Rumaihi, Mr. Juha Repo, Mr. Jani Sarvo of Qatar-Finland International School, as well as Mr. Yousef Al-Husseini, Ms. Kelly Ann Nelson represeting parents and Mr. Ali Abdullatif Al-Misnad from the Qatari community. The Board of Trustees shall appoint a staff member from the school to carry out the work of the Secretariat.

The Ministerial Decision stipulate that the mandate of the Trustees be three years and may be extended for another similar period. The Board shall assume all the functions provided for in the Qatar-Finland International School’s Operating Agreement referred to in the Decision.


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