Service Details

Adoption of a school PD plan

Department Name

Education Institute

Service Type

Adoption / Independent Schools

Detailed Description Of The Service

Adoption of a professional development plan for the  Independent school

How to get the service (detailed steps)

The Office of Professional Development annually adopt a plan of professional development for independent schools according to the needs of staff and the school's educational plan.

Documents Required From The Client

1. Fill in the form
2. Attach the required documents
3. Send e-mail specified destination
4. E-mail will be answered
5.  communication of relevant office when needed


Service Terms And Conditions

Commitment controls and standards for professional development (circulation 2)

Required Time To Provide The Service

The Professional Development Office to receive a draft plan professional development in June and be adopted at the beginning of the school year.

Service Website Link

Service Provider Contacts

Name: Office of Professional Development
Tel: 44560839
Address: P. Box: 35111