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Register siblings

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Education Institute

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Qatari student registration siblings / Newcomer Gulf in education Morning

Gives SEC priority in registration siblings freshmen who have brothers in independent schools, if not in the last row in grade, committed guardian register his child in a primary school at the age of 6 years and according to the compulsory education in the State of Qatar and even eighteen or end-stage prep whichever is earlier.

How to get the service (detailed steps)

- Visit school.
- In the event of the need to help the honors communion visited the information center in the Tower SEC or communicate with them through the hotline 155

Documents Required From The Client

1. Registration in all grades and ages: personal number of the student, employment certificate guardian.


Service Terms And Conditions

Brotherly be in school and that the row is not a student in the final row of the stage.

Required Time To Provide The Service

According to the time plan for e-learning declared annually.

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